Learn the rules of Alfredo instant game!

Alfredo is an Italian-themed instant win game that features an Italian chef and other Italian symbols. It is easy to get started with Alfredo, you just need to choose the size of your bet and select the number of ovens you want to play. You are able to play 1, 2 or 3 ovens at the same time.

alfredo_smallHow to Start the Alfredo Instant Game

In order to start the game, you should use the + and – to select the size of your bet. The larger your bet is the larger your potential winnings are. The available bet sizes are €0.25, €0.50, €1, €2, €5 and €10. If you are a member of the Exclusive Club then you can place a maximum wager of €20.

In addition, you need to choose the number of ovens you want to play by clicking on the ovens. When you click on an oven it will light up so you know if you have selected that oven. When you have chosen your bet size and the number of ovens you want to play you can start the game by clicking the pay button or pressing the space bar.

alfredo_smallPlaying Alfredo

When the trays on every oven pop out the appropriate winnings will be awarded. If you are able to match 3 of the same symbols you will win the predetermined prize based on that oven’s paytable. Alternatively, you can click the Play Max button to play all three ovens at the maximum allowable wager. The total wager is calculated by the number of ovens you play multiplied by the bet size.

When the game is over the winnings are displayed in the total wins area. Your winnings will also be based on the multipliers you receive. These multipliers can range from 1 x to 10,000 x.

Alfredo instant win game is simple and easy to play! You do not need to use any special strategy or have any special skills to play this game.

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