Live the High Roller Life with Monte Carlo Dice

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Monte Carlo Dice is the must-play instant game at Grand Games! You’ve always wanted to enjoy Monte Carlo – Europe’s high-roller playground – now you can. Monte Carlo Dice is everything you’ve ever wanted in a big spin & win game – there’s bright lights and big entertainment all the way. Here’s the best part: when you register at GrandGames, we’ll give you a fantastic up to 200€ welcome bonus. Now that’s how you roll with Monte Carlo Dice at Grand Games!

small image monte carlo diceFeatures of Monte Carlo Dice

Now for the big question: How much can you win? Well, you can win up to $10,000 playing this exciting instant game. That’s right $10,000 when you hit the right combinations of lucky dice at max bets. This game is really easy to play – there are no complicated rules to learn, no strategies to master – just spin to win. If you’re keen to use the Autoplay function, you can – this spins the reels for you up to 300 times. You can play between 1 and 3 coins per spin, with 3 coins yielding the best payouts.

Here are the dice payout combinations:

  • 3 x White Dice pay out 10,000 coins
  • 3 x Navy Blue Dice pay out 300 coins
  • 3 x Orange Dice pay out 240 coins
  • 3 x Red Dice pay out 120 coins
  • 3 x Green Dice pay out 60 coins
  • 3 x Purple Dice pay out 30 coins
  • 2 x Blue Dice pay out 15 coins
  • 1 x Blue Dice pays out 6 coins

As with other similar games, the more you wager the greater your payouts. Remember, you can play Monte Carlo Dice at Grand Games for free. Simply complete a quick & easy registration and spin to win. It’s really that easy! Other great games at Grand Games include Roll the Dice – a fun-filled instant game with big winning potential. The more you play Monte Carlo Dice, the easier it is to climb your way up the loyalty ladder with our exclusive club.

Don’t delay, play Monte Carlo Dice today!