Roulette Lounge, an ideal relaxation!


Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games of Europe. It’s easy to play, you don’t need to know the roulette strategy and it is a nice way to make easy money. Another advantage of playing Roulette in our online Roulette Lounge is that you can play it at your office or in your favorite sofa and GrandGames is also awarding you with free bonuses.

American or French Roulette? Make your choice

French Roulette, also called European Roulette, is the original version of Roulette. Only later the American version was created. Both have a play mat and a wheel with 37 divisions (18 red ones and 18 black ones which are numbered from 1 to 36 and the zero).

What’s the difference between both? Well, the French Roulette only has one ‘0’ division and the American Roulette has two ‘0’ divisions, ‘0’ and ‘00’. In GrandGames we offer you the best free European Roulette, the most amazing roulette game, the one which everybody loves to play and have fun with!

The Rules of Roulette

The rules of Roulette are very easy so you can quickly start to play. To make you familiar with the rules, we offer you a chance to practice for free in the online Roulette Lounge of GrandGames.

The possibilities for the bets are:
1) You can bet on 1 number of different numbers, including the zero.
2) You can bet on a red and/or a black division.
3) You can bet on even and/or odd numbers

You place your bets with virtual chips and the stake per possibility is unlimited. Once you have placed your chips on your divisions you activate the ball in the wheel. When the ball comes to a halt your winnings will be calculated and the amount will be deposited on your casino account.

Visit the Online Roulette Lounge of GrandGames

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