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Blackjack is a fascinating table game of skill and luck combined. It pits the player against the dealer in a battle for the highest-value hand. There is no need to reach 21 in order to win, but it is certainly a winning hand. Here at Grand Games you can practice blackjack online for free, before you opt-in for real money entertainment.

new_card_bgLearn How to Play Blackjack

More books, movies and gaming guides have been produced about blackjack than most any other game. And there’s a reason for this: Blackjack relies on skill, strategy and bankroll management. It is played fast and furious, with little room for error. Fortunately, there are many tactics and strategies which can be employed in order to help you boost your winning chances against the house. Blackjack guides are the ideal resource to fine-tune your game and win more consistently. As the old adage sayspractice makes perfect, and that certainly holds true in the game of Blackjack. Your goal is simply to beat the dealer without going bust. As long as your hand value is higher than that of the dealer without exceeding 21 – you will win the pot!

new_card_bgTop Blackjack Tips

Players are always looking for advice on how best to play Blackjack. Here at Grand Games we will give you one simple tip: practice, practice & more practice! That’s the best way to sharpen your Blackjack skills. Heed the advice of Blackjack professionals and employ smart bankroll management techniques.

new_card_bgPlaying the Game

Your first point of call is to buy into a game. Place your bets and then wait for the dealer to deal you two cards face up. You have the option to hit, stand, double or take out insurance (if you feel the dealer has blackjack). When you play with perfect Blackjack strategy, you can dramatically lower the house edge and win games more consistently.

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